BANN is currently involved in the following state and local issues on behalf of the building and construction industry:


  • City of Reno Housing Task Force  - BANN CEO, Don Tatro, is Chair of the Mayor’s Housing Task Force which is addressing various issues related to housing in Reno. The Subcommittee, which BANN is also a part of, has submitted city staff approved code updates and changes which were recently approved by the City Council as well as the Planning Commission.  


  • RENOvation – BANN is participating in Technical Working Group meetings on rewriting Title 18 of the Reno Municipal Code. The process is called RENOvation. BANN also testifies on these topics when they come before the Reno City Council and the Planning Commission.


  • North Valleys Infrastructure & Growth – As you may have seen in the news, a lawsuit was filed against the City of Reno on the flooding of Swan Lake. In addition, there was a proposed moratorium on future development and building in the North Valleys. BANN has been involved in meetings surrounding these topics and is strongly advocating against any moratoriums. Also, BANN is supportive of the Reno Stead Water Reclamation Facility expansion which will support future growth in the region.


  • Electronic Plan Review/Signatures – BANN is currently in discussions with Washoe County on setting up an acceptable process in accepting electronic signatures and notarizations. When the next legislative session occurs, BANN will advocate in support of any necessary legislation to have electronic signatures and notaries accepted across the State.


  • Impact Fees – There are ongoing talks regarding the implementation of new impact fees to help fund a new Public Safety Center in Reno. BANN is currently involved in these discussions. Stay tuned for updates.


  • Public Works – BANN is working with the City of Reno staff and stakeholders to update the Public Works Manual.


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