About Us

About the Builders Association of Northern Nevada


Our Mission

Chartered in 1956, the Builders Association of Northern Nevada (BANN) is a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and is committed to educating, and representing our membership and the building industry. This is achieved through a collaborative effort between our membership and the local community to create a better quality of life, housing for our citizens, and economic prosperity.

A major goal of BANN is to enhance the new home building climate in northern Nevada, a primary factor in housing affordability. To facilitate our ability to educate those who regulate our industry, the Builders Association maintains an ongoing dialogue with decision-makers and legislators at the local, state, and national levels.


Affiliated Organizations

The Builders Association represents the collective interests of the construction industry in northern Nevada. The association offers programs of information, training and education to all construction professionals. BANN is the primary administrative vehicle for affiliated organizations and sub-organizations that have been established to meet targeted member needs. These affiliated organizations include BANN-PAC, Build-PAC, the Sales and Marketing Council, and the Remodeler's Council. 

Committees within BANN exist to foster and enhance programs designed by the association to benefit its members and include the coordination and implementation of membership functions, publications and public information, government affairs, and special events that are held under the auspices of BANN and its affiliated organizations. Staff and administrative support is provided to each of these additional organizations.


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