Committee Calendar

BANN provides many ways for members to get involved, make connections, and make a difference for the industry association that supports their business. If you are interested in participating in a committee or council, please contact the committee chair or staff liaison listed below.

Please note that the times and places listed below are subject to change. If you do not receive regularly scheduled e-mail updates, please call the BANN office for updates before attending these meetings at (775) 329-4611. We thank you.


Infrastructure & Planning Committee:
This committee works on, monitors and discusses almost every plannming, code and building issue that comes before our local jurisdictions.

Meeting Location: BANN Hall of Fame Conference Room
Chairman: Bobbie Merrigan, Ryder Homes (775-823-3788)
Meeting Date/Time: 3rd Thursday of each month at Noon


Legislative/Government Affairs Committee:
This committee, in conjunction with members and consultants, interviews candidates for public office and reviews and monitors legislation so we can keep abreast of the many laws and ordinances affecting the construction industry. 

Meeting Location: BANN Hall of Fame (HOF) Conference Room  
Chairman: Gregory Peek, ERGS, Inc. (775) 972-0213
Meeting Date/Time: Tuesday mornings, 8:00 a.m. as called


Sales and Marketing Committee:
Members of this committee exchange ideas and provide educational opportunities for business professionals and new home sales agents. This committee also helps to market the benefits of BANN in the community.

Meeting Location: BANN Board Room
Chairman: Bridget Evans, Country Financial (775-823-3955)
Meeting Date/Time: 3rd Wednesday of each month at Noon


Membership Committee:
Charged with the recruitment and retention of qualified BANN members, this committee designs and implements team-oriented campaigns that include  recruitment prizes and incentives for those who meet goals.

Meeting Location: BANN Board Room
Committee Chair: Johnny Skowronek, Square One Solutions (775-825-9675) & Michael Fiore, PHD Contruction (775-682-4388)
Meeting Date/Time: 1st Tuesday of each month at Noon  


Remodelers Committee:
This committee is an organization of remodelers and other industry professionals dedicated to the promotion of excellence and professionalism through  education, certification and services to the community.

Meeting Location: BANN Hall of Fame Conference Room
Committee Chair: Melissa Palange, King Bee Construction, (775-284-0710)
Meeting Date/Time: TBA-please check with BANN Calendar of Events


 HOA Council 
The HOA council is comprised of thsoe interested in issues of importance to Home Owners Association and their management companies. This includes, but is not limited to, legislative changes, regulatory issues, maintencence, homeowner relations, etc.

Meeting Location: BANN Board Room 
Committee Chair: Cameron Starner, Nevada Association Services (775-870-3181)
Meeting Date/Time: 2nd Thursday of each month at 8am


Builders Council:
This committee, comprised of builder members of BANN who are actively building on our region, meets bi-monthly to share ideas and determine policy for issues that directly affect builders.  Membership is restricted to builders and developers.  

Meeting Location: Twisted Fork Restaurant (subject to change)
Committee Chair: Bob Nielsen, Shelter Properties (775-825-0999) & Victor Rameker, Desert Wind Homes (775-240-3288)
Meeting Date/Time: 3rd Wednesday, bi-monthly at Noon


Investment Committee:
This committee, working in conjunction with its investment advisor, monitors the financial health of BANN and recommends investment policies as needed.

Meeting Location: BANN Hall of Fame Conference Room
Committee Chair: Ray Pezonella, Pezonella Associates (775-856-5566)
Meeting Date/Time: as needed


BANN Board of Directors:
The 25-member Board of Directors is the governing body of BANN, and is comprised of builder, subcontractor, and associate members of BANN.  A call for nominations is issued annually.  Please contact Teri Scharosch if you are interested in serving on the BANN Board of Directors.

Meeting Location: BANN Board Room
Committee Chair: Steve Thomsen, Ryder Homes (775-823-3788)
Meeting Date/Time: 4th Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m.

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